Tuesday, March 28, 2017

7 Months in Pictures

It's almost April and I've come to realize I'm well over the halfway mark of my year here. Wow, the time has flown by! For this post, I thought Id give a different perspective, and share some of my favorite pictures so far. Here's a glimpse into my little life here in the beautiful Pilipinas

 Our lovely guide on our trek over Mt. Kabuyan

 Cheezin on Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world

 Hugs from fellow YAV and future seminarian Flanny on our March retreat

 My oh my, beautiful rice terraces seen during my three day trek over Mt. Kubunyan with fellow pastors in the area

Having some fun and bonding with my crazy coworkers

Ate insisted on carrying my pack for the day while we trekked through the mountainous rice terraces from her village to the neighboring one

 Peaceful nights spent painting on my balcony

Baguio (where I live) has some of the best sunsets

Learning indigenous spirituality in Sagada by attempting to balancing a squash on my head while going up the rice terraces. My host mom, who took the picture, was dying of laughter :)

The elders get ready to play the gong in celebration of a death anniversary

Always an adventure riding on these boats

 Waiting to ride the bus (called the rising sun) My coworkers wouldn't let me ride on top :(

Beautiful Ate in Cervantes

 And the celebration is in full swing

Learning how to make farming terraces with fellow women up in Sagada

 It's a good thing green is my favorite color

 My first taste of fresh buko (coconut) juice

 squad goals

The traditional butchering of the pigs. Quite an experience! Very loud

Hiking beautiful Mt Ulap

 Tasting fresh oysters on the white sand bar Christmas Morning

Good eats and good times

 Oh the endless rice

 "Quick! Raining is the best time to take a shower!" This happened our second week in the Philippines, when we stayed with a rural rice farming community. There were no showers so we learned how to take bucket baths, but one day it rained hard enough to take a shower from the water flowing off the house. Such a fun and memorable experience, laughing and dancing and washing in the rain with our host family

  I frequently have to remind myself that a place exists where people are actually taller than me

Randomly matching with the boys :)

It took a while, but I finally have gotten sweet Yana to warm up to me. Now its hard to believe I ever thought she was shy.

My fellow YAVs have been the best support system. I am grateful for their friendship and love.

Here's to 7 months down and 4 more to go! Tagumpay!