Monday, January 9, 2017


One of the most insightful things I’m learned from the Philippines is that time has no meaning. Whether it’s learned from the laid back culture that adheres to no schedules or deadlines, or from how plans and expectations always change every chance possible, somewhere along this crazy path I was forced to let go of the idea that time controlled my life: that there was something more important than the present. Within the difficult moments that seemed to last for eons, or the moments I felt like my soul walked on water, I blinked and realized nearly five months of moments had come and gone. When everyday life is filled with moments that define who you’re becoming to be, the present becomes the only thing that matters; the only thing tangible to hold on to, if only for a moment. 

I’m sometimes terrified by the reality of seven more months of diverse, defining moments, but then I relearn the lesson, that the only moment that matters is the present. And at present, I’m seeing this view

and am feeling grateful that are all moments are temporary, even the breathtaking ones. Because life, if taken only moment by moment, overcomes fear. And then what remains? To simply live the moments laid out before you. 

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